Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Australian Federal Election 2019

The Australian Federal Election grows closer. Who to vote for?

I know my party of choice represents me, I suggest you take a political compass test and if you are correct you should land in the lower left quarter of the graph...or maybe ur a nazi or a commie? or passes the test as I do every election. I hate politics but I hate idiots voting incorrectly, so explain yourselves.... or learn why 9 in 10 voters are idiots or vote against real change.
A) Liberal/National coalition - vote Liberal it's a vote toward fascism.. do you think neo-liberal free market capitalistism mixed with Nationalistic government dogma is a good thing? So do Private Corporations; trusted to create wealth and jobs in free markets while not fucking the environment and exploitng the workforce - big business cares about their money and Picketts theory explains how inequality builds up if private business is not regulated (Marxism cometh when the workers get paid to stay poor). Economically Liberals are extreme in hating government interference and workers rights, Socially Liberals are authoritarian so the liberal patry is really a rich private country club..
B) One Nation. - a vote here is a step towards the right of the right wing Libs who are wrong already as I said so. One Nation is the openly bigotted or a politically incorrect copy paste of a Lib/Nat party, One Nation is just a more authoritarian neighbour to Lib/Nat party. One Nation has, Nationally One single redeeming feauture - a vote for One Nation means the Libs/Nat party has lost one more vote to the new more extreme, less popular competition, so if you are socially right wing (dick) and pro free markets with colluding authoritarian government rule AKA a right winger or conservative try again...
C)Labor - Not as fucked as the more extreme socio/economic Liberals who compete with right wingers votes over other similiar right wing parties. if you are not for free markets FULL STOP but for free markets that answer to governments or unionized workers, if you are not rolling in cash or are a secret fascist then Labor could be for you. If you vote Labor I can understand, ...understand that you meant well or were otherwiseborn pre left wing options or when Labor was Liberals left......The only option this election is as usual option D)the Greens
D) The GREENS the only left wing party is the progressive social democracy party, offering tolerance, equality social and economic, the only option noble/brave enough that puts unpopular policies forward if scientifically or morally grounded, human rights, tax reform, criminal justice, health & education, clean energy, social benefits, evidence based drug policy, environmentally responsible, I have always voted Green and mocked Liberal/Nationals.

Did you pass the test? or are you a communist or a fascist or an Anarchist or some hybrid. 

the green quadrant is where you should land if you are not fucked in the head. Good Luck

Brady 3fs.org

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top Ten Ongoing Armed Conflicts 2018

Top Ten Ongoing Armed Conflicts 2018

New Playlist I am 9/10th finished. Just need to upload

Top Ten Ongoing Conflicts (by fatalities) in 2018.

3fs.org presentation made by Brady Fair S.

10th - watch and see, learn about_________ and why its wartorn

9th - guess where? I wont ruin the surprise

8th - hmm is it another Jihadistan or reliable old Africa ?

....rest (7th-1st place) uploaded over the next few days/weeks

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Qur'an Sura 2. Cow. Vs 84-88

Allah and the Infidel Episode 14.

Click the link to watch the latest video. I fixed the microphone problem, so now it is just me and the word of God. Alone in a room. Lets see who Allah persecutes today? or perhaps he will live and let live? hmm Which Old Testament or New Testament prophets will be name dropped this episode? 


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Thanks for your encouragement, and to the Pakistani humourless halfwit threatening me with death....well your life is built on a fiction and you are wasting your potential and heaven doesn't exist so I implore you to not waste the one life you have in submission to Allah but as a human being living to your full potential. Have a great Fucking Day Mateys!

Brady Fair.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Qur'an Sura 2. Cow. Vs 79-83

Foundation for Freedom and Science

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Episode 13 of:

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The Qur'an Sura 2, Cow vrs 66-78

Foundation for Freedom and Science
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Episode 11 of:

Allah and the Infidel.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Qur'an Sura 2 the Cow vrs 41-61

Allah  and theInfidel. 

Episode 10

Moses: and why
Allah disapproves of Jews
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A Cosmic Perspective. Apollos Gift was Perspective. Continued.

This is a little more cosmic perspective I put together for ya'll. Narated by the voice of Stephen Hawking as I have no Microphone! :). It is called Apollos Gift. Enjoy

By Brady F S