Friday, May 2, 2014

The Termite Colony of Hutterites?

The termite colony of the Hutterites?

Hutterites are relatively small communities of people found predominantly in Canada and the US.  In total, there are around 40 000 Hutterites dispersed through 400 colonies. They are generally very nice people (as most people are) and they live in a community that is literally communal in its outlook. So far, so good?; It does get worse.

The system of belief that the Hutterites follow is founded on a faulty premise, according to most of the world, which includes former Hutterites who have left the colony (and according to me ;). Hutterites are similar to the Amish in some ways, and they cite holy scripture to support their beliefs. The reason they live in isolated 'communes' is because they believe this lifestyle is required by their interpretation of the Bible. The colonies are "held" together by a self perpetuating cycle of childhood indoctrination and a lack of education about the outside world.

There is no real individuality, the same behaviours are repeated day in, day out, work 6 days a week for food and shelter, there is no money paid for the work they do. The colony maintains this way of life through the indoctrination of children. The children and adults hold the belief that the ultimate goal is to go to heaven and that this goal is attainable through living as a Hutterite. So living in a communal, monochrome, banal and pious way one can enter the kingdom of heaven. Leaving the colony is hard, due to fear of going to hell and losing all ones family and friends. Theocratic communism?

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