Thursday, March 19, 2015

Your favourite colour, is now white! (p1)

Part 1

"To lead you to an overwhelming question" T.S Elliot.

Your favourite colour seems like a simple, subjective choice -  it isn't even a choice in fact. Perhaps red has been your colour, the one you selected as better than the rest, maybe since childhood. Well, I want to argue that you are wrong. You actually may be wrong in principle, or perhaps just disgree with me in philosophical practice. I say we all should pragmatically prefer white over the other colours. My position is this: White > 1 000 000 (+/-) colours that humans can detect or differentiate.

So, White is the best colour, scientifically it is perhaps preferable to choose this option. (only after, or if, I can convince you of a philosophical assumption - an assumption that is the linchpin behind "the white position", and cannot be proven, only reasoned, or argued for) - so white is better for any cosmic subjective colour connoisseur (that we are) and as viewed objectively from science, as objective as I can be, or as a subject can be...

I intend to not just argue, or worse, simply annouce this claim as truth - like a dogmatic demagogue (sadly I cannot do this like the preacher or dictator). But rather I hope to appeal to reason, science and a "more is better" kind of logic. So I will offer scientific evidence and a few philosophical assumptions to entice you to change your choice (if white was not chosen already). Actually I do not even offer you a choice, it must be white. I offer an ultimatum - red or white? white is better by far...As I will show. 

Brady. Thanks.

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