Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You Are The Perfect Drug

You Are The Perfect Drug

Apart from rare instances of "religious" or purported "spiritual" experiences. There are few ways to reliably induce these feelings that we label as "utopic" "euphoric" "orgasmic" "tranquil" "serene" "perfect", without the aid of another human being that is. Seeing as the atmosphere we breathe is 2/5's oxygen and 3/5's nitrogen (>1% is C02 etc :P) one could predict that a perfect drug might be a harmless gas that is similar to our atmosphere, like the air we breathe. Nitrous oxide (2/3 nitrogen, 1/3 oxygen) is very close to the air we breathe molecularity. In terms of safety it may be the safest. It is the only gas that is psychoactive and non-toxic. Invented in the late 1700's by adding nitric acid to iron filings, history has bore out the many medical, recreational and scientific effects humans have had with so called "laughing gas". Little can go wrong in a lung fulls breathe of nitrous oxide. As with oxygen, nitrous oxide is inhaled, then exhaled. Safe. The major problem would come from asphyxiation or lack of oxygen to the brain. Do not let the oxide in nitrous oxide fool you, you cannot use that oxygen atom for respiration - it helps getting you fucked up though...When you inhale air, 21% oxygen you do not use all that oxygen but only 5%. So when you exhale you could theoretically breathe the inhaled nitrous oxide into a balloon and re inhale it , with the 16% oxygen that your body could not use in respiration on the first round. Stay safe and trust me people are the perfect "drug", and add "drugs" to that and you have reached perfection.   

Thanks Brady. 3fs..n2o
just say n2o

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