Saturday, March 29, 2014

Drink the Kool Aid?

"LSD can cause psychotic reactions in those who have not tried it" - T. Leary

Recent scientific findings, conducted in a few, reasonable and enlightened countries have found that some psychedelic’s possibly hold something truly priceless in value to the human species. However, there is a catch, as there inevitably always is with drugs and modern policy. The regrettable fact remains that the most commonly used psychedelic drugs on Earth are currently illegal. In some cases illegal, even for scientific research, which is ironic to the point of farce. To pile further tragedy onto this matter, psychedelics are empirically some of the least harmful drugs known to ‘man.

 Psychedelic molecules, or “psychedelics” come in two basic types. The Psychedelic Phenethylamines and the Psychedelic Tryptamines - two chemical cousins, with curiously similar effects. Both are ‘agonists’ of the serotonin 2(x) receptors in our brains. This is how the drug produces its reportedly profound effects.

 As you may know, your natural occurring serotonin controls much of your emotion, mood, contentedness, mental health and numerous other crucial capacities that make up a social primate's life. A psychedelic agonist is a drug that causes a neuro-chemical impulse by exciting serotonin. So a psychedelic drug, such as mescaline, shrooms, LSD or 2cB, “stimulates” the brain in a similar way that serotonin naturally does - but - as you and Leary may have noticed, obviously can produce different experiences of reality - irrespective of whether one has tried the drug.

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