Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gravity Waves and the God of the Gaps...

Gravity Waves Detected! (Gods may not be able to Hide)

""AA"As we learn more about the cosmos, the places gods used to hide are ever diminishing"

Now we can finally see beyond what is called the surface of last scattering or the "dark ages" in Cosmology. Optical telescopes cannot see what happened until the Universe was 300 000 years old, they cannot see past this time because light (photons) did not exist yet, but gravity waves did!.

For decades now, we could only see or measure what happened 300-000 years AFTER the Big Bang. Now we have finally measured Gravity waves, we can potentially now "see" ALL the way back, past the "dark ages" - How far back? - Virtually to the beginning of the Universe! - Literally a nanosecond after time and space itself began!

This is a great discovery, maybe even greater than the Higgs Boson. As it is the first direct confirmation of the Inflationary Big Bang model, and it now may be within our grasp to 'see' and possibly understand the origin of our very own origin!

Let's continue this amazing journey, the unravelling of not only our own origins, but what our whole cosmic origin actually is.

Thanks. Brady. 3fs.org

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