Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Methadone Diaries: 2

Diary Entry 2. Day 1 continued.

9:00am - Greg  examines his diverted dose of pure Methadone with extreme exigency - and he knows exactly what he is going to do with it. Greg was on his way back home after leaving the pharmacy a few minutes ago. At the pharmacy he collected 2x 100ml bottles containing 65mg of Methadone each. His pure dose also contains 65mg of Methadone but is undiluted. Methadone has 5mg of methadone/ml of water - so undiluted it provides a greater "rush", as it can be put into the bloodstream faster than 100ml's of Methadone diluted with water can.

10:00am - Greg arrives home and eagerly rushes inside. He prepares a 20ml syringe and draws up the pure methadone into the syringe. He then attaches a micron or wheel filter to the syringe, to filter out any impurities or microbes. Then a "butterfly" needle is connected to the wheel filter. A butterfly needle has "wings" on either side of the needle (hence the name), it also has an ~30cm long, clear, thin tube which links the wheel filter and syringe to the needle's metallic point - It is quite an elaborate device. Greg is ready to inject the drug.

10:15am - Greg finds, or "registers" a vein and watches the blood flow into the needle, to assure that he is injecting into a vein - practice has made this an easy thing to accomplish. Missing a vein can be painful at best and literally dangerous at its worst, resulting in possible loss of limb. Greg shudders in anticipation thinking about the opiate rush he is about to experience. Greg depresses the plunger on the syringe and watches the Methadone disappear into his bloodstream. Within a few seconds a sensation of euphoric calm overwhelms him... ... ...

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