Monday, April 21, 2014

The Root of All Arrogance.

"Now that we know just how truly ignorant we are, the time now is not for credulity but for skepticism" C. Hitchens.

"As the area of our knowledge grows, so too does the perimeter of our ignorance" N. Tyson

  The most arrogant claim one can make, in my view, is the claim one make's after weighing up the knowledge and ignorance we have acquired, or are yet to acquire, from the cosmos - and then assert that the entire universe was made with one mammalian species in mind. This is ridiculous and hubristic beyond all measure. To put it as mild as I must, it is crucial that we use human evidence, efficacy and reason to replace human arrogance, superstition and ignorance if we are to built a lasting 21st century civilization.

Thanks, Brady :)

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