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The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution

The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution

a couple Hundred Thousand years ago the small brain case ancestors of humans, came down from the trees and started foraging for fruit, carbohydrates, protein, water and psilocybin containing fungi or "magic" mushrooms. We never went back to the tress That is right folks, we ate magic mushrooms and suddenly (in cosmic time) a species has a brain that can put people on the moon. We had become like the Gods of old. Adding a psychedelic drug to an apes diet for a quarter million years must have a significant influence. We know psilocin has a huge influence as a medicine for mental illness - this is confirmed by very recent studies over and over. This process in large or some measure gave us. through enhanced serotonin activity, our pre- and enlarged frontal cortex, the most highly evolved thinking mechanism of any species found to date.

This magic mushroom eating orgy, went on
for over 100 000 thousand years - it still continues and now after a brief hiatus in western medieval civilization has gained medical value. Psilocybin metabolizes into Psilocin which is 2 carbon atoms away from BEING serotonin - it is as close a molecule as one can get, to that happy inducing molecule serotonin. Strictly chemically speaking psilocin is remarkable - DMT is also very similar to serotonin and works on the same 2a, 2c serotonin receptors but DMT is missing a perhaps essential oxygen atom- Either way psilocin was available to our ancestors in abundance and they did partake in abundance and did so for significant time periods - and hence psilocin's potency in this theory,

This is why magic mushrooms are such a revolutionary medicine. Nature just happens to have given us the chemical which modulates emotion, personality, learning, intelligence, loves, creativity and many other traits essential to our species existence. Only it does so by being "read" differently by the receptor protein, this is the answer to why serotonin and psilocin do not cause the same effect, as one may rationally think. Thankfully the protein "reads" the two molecules differently allowing for hasty brain growth. These proteins, called G-proteins "unwind" after "reading" the molecule atom by atom. So serotonin and psilocin will have different signalling protocols after "reading" the molecule they have grappled onto.  

So imagine the G-Proteins' attached to each serotonin 2a and 2c receptor are activated or excited, for 100 000 years in exotic ways, novel ways. Ways that are significantly different to serotonin's main functions - modulating the traits of higher human consciousnesses.

Recent scientific studies by MAPS have clearly shown psilocin can treat smoking addiction and depression in 60-80% of cases when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy prior to a single dose of psilocin.  These results are literally unparalleled in medicine and have so much more efficacy than anything else on the market. It provides its magic properties because Psilocin encourages neurons which have weak pathways to become stronger. They change the brain using neuroplasticity. It is like decades of therapy in a few hours.
Now Imagine this process of serotonin pathway strengthening and enhancing, although not coupled with modern cognitive behavioural therapy for 100 000 years as our evolutionary ancestors did, as they built up the brains size using this method of serotonin enhancement. Our current doubled brain size can be largely or in part explained by this idea. The frontal cortex evolves due to this novel stimuli which allows the evolution of complex human traits modulated by serotonin 2a and 2c,

This hypothesis does not account necessarily for all intellectual evolution in recent hominids. It does not need to either in order to be valid. It is valid as scientific evidence has shown it puts all other treatments for smoking and or depression to shame at present. This fact alone lends credence to the idea that a hungry foraging species may have been aided by psychedelic fungi - we have big brains because we used our brains in creative ways giving us larger brains from each psilocin eating generation as it, a species now "awake" raises the next prehistoric generation of soon to be humans...

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