Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Time Crystal Have Been Discovered After Predicted in 2012

Ok Prepare for Mind Fuckery! My friend' fizicks must weigh in here lol.

Time Crystals, predicted by renowned Physicist Frank Wilszek just five years ago, Have Been Discovered! In truth they have been made in laboratories, one such Time Crystal was made in 2017 in California by an upcoming Asian boss physicist..

Time Crystals have something to do with Zero-point Energy. Feynman predicted there is enough energy in the vacuum of a light bulb to boil the worlds oceans. Electrons at absolute zero still have energy due to the "uncertainty principle". I am no physicist but it appears Time Crystals will allow us to learn more about the Theory of Time, and more generally Quantum Field Theory (AKA modern physics).

Thanks Brady.

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