Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Matter of Life and Death. Part Two.

"We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones, as most people are never going to be born"

Our species, uniquely, some may say inconveniently, is all too aware of its own mortality. Thus it appears we, largely in response to this recognition, the realization and sobering fact, that we all will die, and death almost certainly appears to be permanent in prognosis - furthermore, perhaps worse, we have no sure guarantee, no assured idea of how or when we will die, until 'it' occurs of course - ironically absurd is the existential fact which, to me is somewhat less dreary, and is to be found in the observation that we won't know when we die, as we will be too dead to notice, so fear of dying is all hype, not a real problem to be anxious over. "Don't believe the hype", is hype after all, except in this case ;).

Considering this, it is not too surprising to observe that our species has invented a few psychological tricks to navigate around this alleged "problem" of dying. As opposed to the natural and more honest acceptance of the indifferent truth - the truth being that death actually means you stop to exist, you cease to be, fear of becoming nothing is a phobia. If nothing happens after brain death, then there literally is nothing to fret over. So always look on the bright side of this life, as in death you won't get a chance.

Sadly almost all of our species denies the rather blunt fact of death and in arrogant credulity, or unfortunate upbringing, is swayed into believing that there really is a life after death - promised by cults since humans evolved, they usually promise the same thing: by denying the obvious and attempting to avoid your own death, you can relegate mortality to a mere illusion, or more dangerously, something to gleefully look forward to, in a necrophiliac-martyr-lunatic kind of manner. Believing in afterlives also entails another implication, it seems to make ones actual life a pointless, or at least a somewhat denigrated prelude, to just another "more important", if completely unjustified and imaginary "after" life.

Thanks, Brady.

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  1. This is how I have always viewed the wackos , People ruled by fear.