Monday, January 5, 2015

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow!

SURA 2 - THE COW (mooo!)

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA)

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful"

"Elif. Lam. Mim. No doubt is there about this Book: it is a guidance to the God-fearing."
- This verse mixes overt threats of divine punishment with an almost comical logical fallacy. The fallacy is lurking in the section where Allah essentially states 'it is true because it is true' - a tautology on top of a classic logical fallacy, called circular reasoning.
 Furthermore, and much more sinister, is Allahs implied threat of some punishment to the doubters, and the God fearers, Allah then states:
"As to the infidels, alike it is to them whether thou warn them or warn them not - they will not believe"
In the latter verse Allah is using his omnipotent powers to coerce credulous homo sapien primates into believing his absurd tautology of circular reasoning, backed by fear of punishment if rejected. The consequences for those who reject his assertion that the Qur'an is true because it says so in the Qur'an are not helped by Allah onto the "straight path"

The former verse demonstrates Allahs complete neglect and clear prejudice against infidels, by not using his omnipotence to save them, he is an accessory to crimes against humanity, including; torture, and conspiracy to kidnap infidels, and a further charge of holding infidels hostage in hell, this charge is still pending. Awaiting Allahs written confession of creating hell. Allegedly Allah wrote down his atrocities in latter SURAS that we will cover. In fact he elaborates on what he will do with the infidels in this SURA, the Holy Cow! Sura:

"For them, a severe chastisement"
If a severe chastisement seems not harsh enough, our merciful Lord further plans to burn them in a premeditated act of mass murder and torture, an act of violence that would embarrass Hitler or Stalin in its scope and duration of cruelty. The message of God via his messenger (me) is starting to come into focus, his hostility toward infidels is clear and as barbed as razor wire. Allah hu Akbar! This is what awaits you infidels and heretics:
"then fear the fire prepared for the infidels, whose fuel is men and stones"  


  1. What did the STONES ever do to you, Allah??

    Allah is a dick to stones.

    1. Stones? Perhaps if in tablet form I suppose he might have some issues.