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The Real Qur'an. Sura 2:The Cow! (holy cow!) Part.3

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow! Part three...

SURA 2 - THE COW (moooooo!) holy cow!

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA and update it for people who know the earth goes AROUND the sun).

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful" 

To whomever is a polytheist, there are few people that God despiseth more than those who believe in more than one Deity, despite the logical consistency that if one can use faith and logic to arrive at the true belief in one God, the same logic and faith can be used as evidence in favour of two or more omnipotent Gods. Surely the polytheist is near the most vile creation in all the cosmos. The cosmos which has only Allah to thank or blame for he is "Sole maker of heavens and the Earth", multiverses are not for the mind of Allah nor the more feeble minds of his human conscripts and credulous converts as heaven does not include causally disconnected space-times.
To the polytheist there is some relief, as some hate is aimed at the covetous over the multi-deist, "and God knoweth the offenders" "and thou wilt surely find them men most covetous of life, beyond even the polytheists". This implies a covetous polytheist is close to the epitome of evil, even the merciful Allah who created such abominations as polytheists, can protect them from himself. As he told the fictional Abraham "embrace not the doubters" "and the people of hell shall not be questioned". The consequences for Hindus are therefore immense, and I urge you to convert now and accept my words as if they are Allahs, because they are. 

To the Abrahamic people of faith, or "people of the Book". You have read the latest revelations in this only true Qur'an, yet still are over-respecting the old or new testaments, or the original Qur'an over this new edition. Gods earlier trilogy of sacred writings, are works of the prophets, such as "Moses' or "Jesus" but focusing on them, you ignore Allahs old and new Qur'an's, perhaps due to the apparent caprice of a God that is handing down to us more than one holy scripture. The point is that three times our Lord completed Holy books, and now you must accept one more revelation from God, for the new millennia - this is the Real Qur'an and is rare, being the only perfectly revealed Book in the Universe, at the present time. The Qur'an is now replaced by this new volume from God. Muhammad (pblessuh) has passed the prophecy torch to me (pbume), Allah informs me this is true, via the angel Gabriel so I know its a fact. I further know it is true as each time I have a fit, I hear the voices in my head, as many a prophet of days past also had seizures of glory when they tapped into Heavens ether cable and received Allah's message, albeit mostly indirectly via messenger(s). 

For those infidels who assert the Qur'an both old and new, (v.1.0 and v2.0), is a book that is irrational, absurd, violent and inconsistent, are only the heretical words of humans, Allah concedes these characteristics litter the Quran's Sura's, eg. nonhistorical, nonsensical, contradictory, etc, are all themes that are literally dripping from each paragraph - Allah can explain why it appears like the Qur'an is just the babblings of an iron age warlord (pbuh) and a science/freedom ( enthusiast turned conspiratorial-madman scribbling shit. The Qur'an is true because it is true, the same is true in physical science as Allah shows here: For example Allahs theory of the Quantum world is like the Real Quran's verses and commentary, Quantum theory is genuinely irrational, contradictory and ridiculously absurd, yet it is true despite these qualities. Allah elaborates, Electrons not only can exist in multiple places simultaneously, but they are in many places at the same time! If this is true, then so is this book! If crazy is the measure of truth in nature, as Allah appears to agree and he doth knoweth all things".
Gods new book is the same as the electron, it is counter intuitive but all the same, it is a fact. So tell those who doubt the circular reasoning of the Qur'an. If it is sufficient proof to establish the inerrant truth of the electron, the same is true of these words. Denying the latter of these facts has dangerous consequences, whereas denying electrons only means you are an idiot. After death you cannot say that I have not warned/conned/demanded you accept the truth "no one shall reprive himself from the punishment". For"God hath caused the Real  Qur'an (2.0), to descend on thy heart, the confirmation of previous revelations (including those to apocryphal prophets who never existed, again counterintuitive but true), and guidance, and good tidings to the faithful" 
See Islam is the way to please our merciful God, who created us, owns us and can control us. Praise the Almighty, and he will not punish you: the warning is crystal clear "For truly God hath chosen a religion for you, so die not unless ye be also muslims"

We forget that by comparison we appear as worthless slaves, barely earning the merit of seeing Allah's shadow, yet by blindly converting and taking all my recitation on faith, especially the parts aimed at those whom God deliberately misleads, the Jew the Christian, the infidel. the most shameful of all Gods "covetous...polytheist". If you are people of the book and not infidels, apostates or polytheists then you are closer to Allah, but being a Muslim and obeying this Book are the goal of all life in the universe. "O our Lord, Make us also Muslims, and our posterity a Muslim people". 

Thanks to the Cow! Not Baal the Sura! There is plenty more milk to squeeze from this Sura. 

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