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The Real Qur'an. Sura 2: The Cow (let the milking resume!)

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow! 
(Part I:

SURA 2 - THE COW (mooo!)

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA and update it for people who know the earth goes AROUND the sun).

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful" 

A warning to the theist and all mankind.

The COW - re-milked at the behest of Gabriel via the messenger Brady who during milking will correct any unintentional errors the prior prophet made, due to human fallibility, so re-commenceth SURA 2: the COW...

"the jews should believe". Jews by definition, theologically, do not believe, in their ignorance with machiavellian truculence they deny Muhammad (Pbuh) and now Brady (pbumemore). In this denial of our mighty prophets, Mohammed and Brady, who are no more than mere people to them, the Muslim knows we are the final prophets of Islam (pbuus). Fools, they forget that "verily, for God is an enemy of the infidels"
Seemingly these two verses, when absorbed together, can amount to an implied threat for all infidels and apostates, the threat hinging upon God's glorious punishment of death in this life and/or in eternity using fire on them, forever, in the afterlife. Even an illiterate merchant/warlord cannot overlook or miss the rather obvious anti-semitically prejudiced overtones lurking here as well. By now the ultimatum given to all infidels is clear. 
However the threat of eternal punishment is both sincere and merciful as God has helped the Jews in the past, this is proven empirically and beyond all doubt by the verse "to Moses gave we "the Book" and we raised up Apostles after him". Somehow the Old Testament, in god's omnipotence, failed to become, or stay, the exact verbatim words and demands made to, and for us, by our caring Lord.

This is why Jews and Christians "people of the book"are not as important in Allah's plan for world domination. Only the followers of the one true sect of Islam (this one) are truly favoured because  "none will disbelieve" this book, and the punishment for trusting the Pentateuch or Gospels, over The Real Qur'an, is horrid - this threat is only meant to frighten, intimidate or extort them into saving themselves. 
It is true that Allah feels some remorse over writing multiple Holy Books, but this guilt is negated by his clear demand and brilliant observation that when he released his latest 7th century bestseller: the Qur'an, the Jews and Christians still doubt it "what hath been sent down they disbelieve". 
They blame whom? for their denial of the truth of the Qur'an (both v.1.0 and this edition, v.2.0) denial cannot be layeth upon Allah, our omnipotent and merciful Allah is innocent in all this - but still the Jews do not accept the third Book in God's sacred trilogy and the Christians reject the Real Qur'an (The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Qur'an - are the trilogy, with the Qur'an being the latest in the trilogy -until the release of the Real Qur'an, which is to be the new holy revealed scripture of Allah. The Real Qur'an, I am assured is the final book from God, this latest news from heaven completes the beautiful quadrilogy that is the four Abrahamic books) Allah has now sent the true and final message to all the universe. (this time it is really true and final - as Gabriel assureth me, the last word of God is here).

 The Islamic State or Caliphate, or the house of Islam's emergence, and the beginning of Gods final revelation via me, is no accident or cosmic coincidence. Allah wishes 'the house of war' be under Sharia, with only people of the book allowed to co-exist with muslims, these people must live under 'dhimmi', paying for the privilege of protection and existence whilst true muslims, allowed by Allah commit the occasional, murder, genocide, rights abuse, pogrom or heretic hunt. Justified by "will ye dispute with us about God, who is our God and your God!" Rebellions of this nature must incur God's and mans wrath.
People of the book say "they shall enter Paradise" Allah recommends you say "give your proofs if you speak the truth", They naturally cannot produce any proof of what is not, and these doubters can then be treated harshly. For Allah lays the burden of proof for heaven and the conditions of entry into it, with the non-muslim. The non-muslim must prove his case because Allah decreed it so. Jews and Christians are "both people of the book" but all the same our Lords will is not obscured with slippery words stating "on resurrection day. God shall judge between them as to that in which they differ"

It would be easier for everyone if we would just see the truth of this new Islam and know why Allah must conquer the world as "the east and west is God, whichever way ye turn, there is God, Truly God is Immense and knoweth all" , this is true irrespective of the concept that east and west are arbitrary anthropocentric ideas, that science shows do not really exist objectively when Earth is seen from space, God is immense and knoweth all, even the compasses taken to the Moon during the Apollo missions all pointed to the magnetic north pole, respective to Earths orientation to the Moon from a northern hemisphere bias. Any alleged proof that compasses point away from magnetic Earth north is pure sophistry or heretical, conspiratorial 'lunacy'. Nothing of the sort, as doubters may claim, has been demonstrated to me or Allah. North, east and west are not relative terms!
Even if it was relative, it would not overrule the true word of God. Who perhaps owns a broken, compass, or maybe when creating the compass he said more than "be", perhaps "bee"? - As all Good muslims know God must say "be" to create anything, including a sense of direction. 
So all of you can rise above the Biblical Cannon, becoming Muslim by reading this, you are no longer a lower class theist, following a doctrinal dogma of 'untermenschen' status. The jew and Christian are still better than those who forget "God's name in his temples", they are a "shame in this world and a severe torment awaits in the next". His name is not Jehovah or Yahweh, he has officially changed it to Allah, after learning arabic in the middle ages (during the 7th century, using western human history). 

Christians, mistaking Jesus for the messiah and not just a prophet, like the apocryphal, mythological character of Moses was, are not completely lost: "and to Jesus, son of Mary, we gave clear proofs of his mission". Despite the fact that arrogant archaeologists, such as Jewish researchers searching for proof of the Exodus, have not found any, this does not mean it did not happen or Moses is a myth, what is true is God's word, recited through me or other prophets. Except where he is misquoted in the Bible, which is the reason he wrote the Qur'an 700 years later, which is now no longer perfect, which leads to now, and God finally fixing the Qur'an 1400 years after the life of the previous prophet (pbmoreuponme). 

"but until thou follow their religion, neither Jews nor Christians will be satisfied with thee" for "after the Knowledge which hath reached thee, thou follow their desires, thou shalt find neither helper nor protector against God". It is not too late for Jews and Christians to accept the Qur'an's truth, including accepting Mohammed as their prophet. If you are reading this: the Real Qur'an, version 2.0, and reject the inherent truth of this writing, ignoring the "clear signs send down to thee" such as Brady's recitation of this, Holy Qur'an 2.0 is rejected at your expense. You must trust that I am the final prophet and Allah is our self proclaimed merciful warLord, if you have doubts over this or over the existence of a deranged, moral and noble prophet called Abraham, who took his child for a nightime/nightmarish stroll with the intent to commit an atrocity then they "shall have God as an enemy". Abraham clearly did exist as "God spoke to Abraham" thereby becoming both a moral teacher and an accessory to attempted murder at the same time. 

Thanks Allah, Gabriel and me (the messenger, whom thou shalt not shooteth). 

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