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Allah and the Infidel - Cartoon pilot E00 for more~ for more E01!!!

what else too say other than its here, a hasty job made as E00, a pilot to see if I could actually even make a Cartoon. Turns out I can if I have time, so after this teaser trailer the real HQ

show will already be in pre-production. Episode one is Sura 1 and may be a while as I am going to

edit, polish, refine add audio, etc. Join in the fun

Thanks, Brady. F. S.

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Meet your mind. P1 The cell!

Your brain is a collection of around one or two billion, actual " brain cells". Understanding one cell can help us untangle the web of the mind that somehow results from brain cells firing and working in unison, this is the basics of how your body makes you and somehow conjures up a subjective consciousness. It is Only when you have billions of these neurons working as functional groups (brain parts) in a brain conglomerate, that we can see why we are a way for nature to see itself - and see why we are a way for you to see yourself as separate from say a chair or object too. 

Each cell is powered by glucose, the brain devours glucose and oxygen as food. Fully powered a cell grows enormous numbers of tentacle like dendrites, between 1 and 10 thousand such connections PER NEURON! These dendritic feelers literally reach for nearby cells to communicate with, billions of cells connected with trillions of synapses or "contacts" - dendrites appear as branching brachiating vines in a forest of neurons, a very large web of brain. A brain with astonishingly intricate functions such as subjective thought. The cells and their job in the brain is the actual structural and functional matrix that gives rise to the mysterious mind of 'man. 

 Each cell has thousands of these dendritic connections. Which are actual physical gaps in the brain. Each intersection or synapse exchanges chemical or electrical signals. The prefrontal cortex and serotonin are an example of where and how two cells may 'talk'. Many aspects of higher mental sentience, like creativity, are linked to the G-proteins where brain neurotransmitters exchange information. when a Gprotein coupled receptor reads serotonin the protein changes, the Gproteins shape and enzyme release protocol are changed by Gprotein receptor contact with serotonin (or any drug that fits the serotonin receptor).  This is how drugs and neurochemicals alter the mind. By using a neurotransmitter molecule to decide how the Gprotein "unwinds" when attached to the receptor site in turn will effect how you behave, which in turn effects other cells and effectively consciousness. Serotonin and Gprotein coupled receptors seem to be necessary but not sufficient for consciousness. 

One cell is easier to map than billions though, and easier to explain, but it is the complexity that makes your brain so hard to understand and so interesting. You have thousands of these dendritic roads per neuron. This means that if we counted them all, hypothetically, you should have some hundred trillion synapses or dendritic gaps for the brains chemistry to magically conjure up you or precisely your minds subjective experience. Lets see how it does this. As the mind is almost certainly not a magic act after much of it is understood. 

Thanks Brady. 

The Koran Live! Sura2 E03

Episode 3 of THE BOOK is revealed... Is the book proven true yet? no

The aptly named SURA 2 called "the Cow" is not all udder nonsense. We meet Mo and God contradicts his merciful nature by bashing on infidels. Worse still he makes infidels guilty of being infidels then in sadistic or funny tyrannical style he also sets the punishment for not believing by default... the Quran must be either wrong or evil and true! how asinine...

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90% success rate for quitting smoking!

3fsTV News E01


Free or not to free? 3fs

Science without freedom makes us slaves in the serfdom of science. Freedom without science gives liberty but without the epistemology to enable more freedoms.

The only place one can find these two pillars of modernity fully functional is in thought or in the abstract. A global interlocking of these two underated and still un-coupled ideas does not exist (even in Holland).

Science without freedom makes us slaves in the serfdom of science. Freedom without science gives liberty but without the epistemology to enable more freedoms.

Each alone is like giving humans the right tool (science) but not freedoms for the tool to enhance or provide. Freedom is a reduction of yet to be unraveled scientific freedoms in hindsight.

Part I

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The Perfect Drug? P.2

This story will explore the evidence supporting the "best" drug hypothesis. I will endeavour to carefully define what I mean when using  "best" and "drugs". These terms must be scrupulously and meticulously adumbrated or explained to avoid the reader confusing my definition with, for instance, a common colloquial use of the word which is not suitable or even coherent for this examination of humans searching for the "best" drug and why it is. I suspect several will win "best" awards, only at different things. Like the olympics we may have many winners, for each measure of "best" - Unlike the olympics steroids will probably not win here.

  My definitions will be anthropocentric and mine, but I intent to phrase all technical jargon in ways that maximize clarity and are accepted in the field we are investigating - psychoactives. I will not be borrowing from the slippery semantic slopes that taint and are stigmatizing our very starting word!: "drugs" - a word that people use but often inaccurately or misleadingly.

"Drugs" means semantically, paradoxically and therefore confusingly, both a medicine and a poison for example. So before I can even attempt to explain what the perfect drug would look like molecularly, or feel like experientially or phenomenologically, or whether such a molecule could even exist, not in practice but in principle I must ironically first dispense with the word itself!

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A Quick Bit of 'fizicks P4

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
T. S. Eliot"

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p4 - Interpretation 7

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." A.E

Albert Einstein
Image result for einstein
7. Many Worlds Interpretation (Hugh Everett III)

Ignored for years after its appearance in 1957, the many worlds interpretation has gained in popularity in recent decades. Sometimes called the “many universes” interpretation, it postulates that every time a measurement is made, all the possible outcomes actually occur in different branches of reality, creating a multitude of parallel universes. Actually, Everett thought of it as more like the observer splitting into different clones who follow the different possible measurement outcomes. In any case, it’s weird.

"For the record: Quantum mechanics does not deny the existence of objective reality. Nor does it imply that mere thoughts can change external events. Effects still require causes, so if you want to change the universe, you need to act on it." Krauss

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks.links
Part 1: 

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p3

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p3 - Interpretation 9

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks.links
Part 1:

"To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palms of your hand, and eternity in an hour."

William Blake

"Science is imagination in a straight jacket" Richard Feynman

9. Stochastic evolution interpretation (many versions)

This one perhaps isn't strictly an interpretation of quantum mechanics itself, because it changes the math. In ordinary quantum mechanics, the wave function (or state vector) “evolves,” changing over time in a perfectly predictable way. In other words, the odds of different results can change, and you can predict exactly how they will change, up until the time a measurement is made. But several physicists have suggested over the years that the evolution itself can change in a random (or stochastic) way causing it to collapse all by itself. Presumably this collapse process would occur very rapidly for large (macroscopic) objects and slowly for subatomic particles. Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg recently examined this approach in a paper available at

Feynman once said, 'Science is imagination in a straitjacket.' It is ironic that in the case of quantum mechanics, the people without the straitjackets are generally the nuts." L. Krauss

(Warning: Summaries below do not reflect all the subtleties of the various interpretations, which have often been modified over time by supporters or even the original authors. I’m just conveying some of the flavor. As cosmologist Max Tegmark writes in his new book Our Mathematical Universe: “There isn’t even consensus on which ones should be called interpretations.” (Note to advocates of various views: do not be concerned about the order in which these are listed. There is some quantum randomness here lol)") - 'fizicks

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p2 (link below)

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A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p2

9. Bohmian Mechanics

A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p2 :D 
Part 1:
Part 3:

"It's strange that words are so inadequate. Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath, so the lover must struggle for words."

T. S. Eliot

"If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet" - Niels Bohr.

"The more precise the measurement of position, the more imprecise the measurement of momentum, and vice versa."* Werner Heisenberg. SAY MY NAME! 

preamble...-Brady: "Hello 'fizicks, how are you? I am told Quantum Mechanics has multiple interpretations? Can you explain to me again, what these interpretations are, and what it all could mean?" "Thanks 'fizicks...perhaps for ease can you refresh me by listing them one through to descending order? 
-Fizicks "Sure"
Brady "-fuck- heck yeah...

9. Bohmian Mechanics (David Bohm)

I don’t really like this one very much, but it has many fans and deserves to be mentioned. Developed in the 1950s by Bohm, based on earlier views from Louis de Broglie, Bohmian mechanics describes particles flying around as guided by “pilot waves.” Those waves tell particles where to go. Supposedly this approach turns physics back to determinism, avoiding the probabilities that Einstein condemned by saying “God does not play dice.” Since experiments have ruled out “hidden variables” for enforcing determinism, Bohmian mechanics requires a form of action at a distance (or “nonlocality”). Einstein didn’t like that either. It’s also hard to see how Bohmian mechanics would predict any experimental difference from the predictions of standard quantum mechanics. Shortly before he died, Einstein said he wasn't impressed with the Bohmian interpretation. “That way seems too cheap to me,” Einstein wrote in a letter to physicist Max Born.

Number 9 will be in part 3 as soon as ready...
Part 3:


QM fathers such
 as Einstein enhanced
 knowledge greatly,
 here is a 2D benzene ring of
six carbon and hydrogen atoms arranged in Einsteinian pantheistic beauty. 
'fizicks and brady

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A Quick Bit of 'fizicks. p1

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."
T. S. Eliot

"The more precise the measurement of position, the more imprecise the measurement of momentum, and vice versa." Werner Heisenberg.

Initial statement of the Uncertainty principle in "Über den anschaulichen Inhalt der quantentheoretischen Kinematik und Mechanik" in Zeitschrift für Physik, 43 (1927)" - Werner Heisenberg.

-Brady: "Hello 'fizicks, how are you?" "I am told Quantum mechanics has a number of different interpretations? Can you explain to any non-physicists, or perhaps just for me,what these multiple interpretations are and what it all could mean?" Thanks 'fizicks. 

"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future" Neils Bohr. 

-'fizicks : "Dozens of interpretations of quantum mechanics have been developed over the years. Most of them attempt to address what happens when an observation or measurement is made on a quantum system. The mathematical formula known as the wave function (or state vector) describing the state of a system gets reset when a measurement is made, and the multiple possibilities that the math describes appear to “collapse” into one tangible result. A quantum “interpretation” tries to explain why this collapse happens — or whether it happens at all. And some interpretations concern themselves with whether the wave function itself is physically real or merely something mathematical.

Warning: Summaries below do not reflect all the subtleties of the various interpretations, which have often been modified over time by supporters or even the original authors. I’m just conveying some of the flavor. As cosmologist Max Tegmark writes in his new book Our Mathematical Universe: “There isn’t even consensus on which ones should be called interpretations.” (Note to advocates of various views: do not be concerned about the order in which these are listed. There is some quantum randomness here lol)"

Lets look at 10 examples of quantum mechanic interpretations then professor...

Thanks to 'fizicks and 

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Your favourite colour, is now white! (p1)

Part 1

"To lead you to an overwhelming question" T.S Elliot.

Your favourite colour seems like a simple, subjective choice -  it isn't even a choice in fact. Perhaps red has been your colour, the one you selected as better than the rest, maybe since childhood. Well, I want to argue that you are wrong. You actually may be wrong in principle, or perhaps just disgree with me in philosophical practice. I say we all should pragmatically prefer white over the other colours. My position is this: White > 1 000 000 (+/-) colours that humans can detect or differentiate.

So, White is the best colour, scientifically it is perhaps preferable to choose this option. (only after, or if, I can convince you of a philosophical assumption - an assumption that is the linchpin behind "the white position", and cannot be proven, only reasoned, or argued for) - so white is better for any cosmic subjective colour connoisseur (that we are) and as viewed objectively from science, as objective as I can be, or as a subject can be...

I intend to not just argue, or worse, simply annouce this claim as truth - like a dogmatic demagogue (sadly I cannot do this like the preacher or dictator). But rather I hope to appeal to reason, science and a "more is better" kind of logic. So I will offer scientific evidence and a few philosophical assumptions to entice you to change your choice (if white was not chosen already). Actually I do not even offer you a choice, it must be white. I offer an ultimatum - red or white? white is better by far...As I will show. 

Brady. Thanks.

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"Magic" Mushrooms! P2

The magic in the mind and the magic in the mushroom.
Part I:

I am often asked and then laboriously must explain the empirical evidence behind a mushroom tattoo -I start with the ankle ink of the mushroom and end with G-protein coupled receptors in your brain... my tattoo is not just a pictorial representation of the profound but a modern parable. In which the moral is clear and illustrated by molecules of serotonin and not mushrooms per se but their psilocin molecules which their DNA is built to make. Psilocin is like a neurotransmitter, one we could really use, but cannot make as we lack the genes for the protein which makes it....but I know a species that has just the genes that fit!

I endeavour to convince people of the rational reasons behind getting a blue mushroom cluster tattooed onto my ankle - I say doubting me is reasonable, but to trust that I represented the science accurately, using the tattoo as a mere bait to teach, and then to doubt the science is a felony of ignorance. To not affirm my position after you trust or research for yourself the information then you also commit a misdemeanor of wilful ignorance: my position is that a mushroom can and is - and I argue has been demonstrated empirically - to be a medicine of unknown value and the closest and best tool in our tool kit for changing the software of the serotonergic driven human mind.

The mushroom and your mind are rich in medicine and mystery. I can offer speculation and logic as to why and how these medicinal effects happen - how these changes of mind can happen so noticeably whilst so rapidly - and last for a lifetime from one use - well this is harder to explain - only due to an impoverished literature on mushroom/psilocin medicine. It has been shown to treat, with high efficacy, depression and in a new pilot study had a 90% success rate at stopping lifetime smokers (up from 10% :(). These are two examples of it's known use as medicine scientifically. These ailments are often hard to treat with therapy and the latest pharmaceuticals, I say they are better treated with a mushroom and stand by it.

Behaviours are related to our minds and our subjective experience. Feelings such as addiction and depression are often largely determined by serotonin. Serotonin is the brain chemical that the mushrooms own analogue of serotonin: called psilocin works on. So psilocin can reboot the brain, in a four hour software upload-the software being a psilocin mushroom and result in new mindsets that are not possible using traditional tricks. Why? because we are not using the brain to change the brain (this is serotonin treating itself), psilocin is effectively hacking into the serotonin receptors and doing this hacking correctly appears to be a more effective treatment for many long term mental issues due to psilocin being an external "neurochemiscal" that does things serotonin just is not made to acheive (it is two carbon atoms short after all).

 You name the mind or mental issue and psilocin could help - under correct direction and advice. It is nothing short of a 'panacea' in the rarely funded experiments to treat the worst mental crisis's or troubled minds.

 I submit that if you love your mind, which is largely dependent on serotonin and serotonin receptors (e.g.G-protein coupled receptors for serotonin, that still win Nobel prizes for new research), seeing as psilocin is two carbon atoms different from serotonin many mental enigmas can be solved by it's use, and I will argue a mushroom that grows in darkness can be the best light to get our species with all it's crazed minds, irrational beliefs and existential problems in order, faster, more effectively and non-toxically too.

Psilocin works due to its likeness to serotonin, and serotonin's role as the linchpin in a neurochemical soup that's sum total is your human mind.  Somehow psilocin can activate G-proteins in serotonin receptors (why serotonin receptors are capable of such lockpicking is not known), the fact remains that hacking into your consciousness and changing how you view the world is the key to its medicnal use. After all your perspective is everything, as conscious creatures it determines nearly everything.

I seem like a lunatic to some claiming so much and offering my word and a mushroom as evidence, however my word is not what I offer, I offer science and a self testable hypothesis. Psilocin is a serotonin agonist fact, studies show ridiculously effective data fact, I want you to doubt me fact- I don't want you to doubt the science fact. I can give you the rare studies that are funded as proof of my positions truth, the limit on how effective psilocin is remains to be seen - because it rests with how much serotonin receptors can be manipulated into new mind sets.
Find me evidence to the contrary if you doubt the science. If you try psicolin do your homework as it is not a hobby but a self actualizing device, manipulating serotonin in ways allowable by nature but "not meant to be" is still non toxic, but is radically life changing if done correctly.
 I also invite you to see the reasoning behind why a mushroom would be a great medicine for the human mind rather than a toxic toadstool I am hyping up.
 Serotonin and Psilocin - DNA makes the proteins that make these molecules, one is found in the highest of the sentient apes, the other in a blue mushroom...
 I could not tattoo to my ankle a mushroom of psilocin after seeing how much one can change in a few hours personally. The science only affirmed my subjective bias. If one sets a goal BEFORE they take the mushroom software which does strange things to serotonin 2a and 1a G-protein coupled receptors. You are literally brushing up against neuroscientific frontiers of true ignorance. G proteins are actually waiting someone to show how a molecule is interpreted as a feelingvia these proteins and so on like an onion of mystery.. so win a Nobel prize for your own imagination. Or fund MAPS who will win one with a mushroom!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Matter of Life and Death. Part Three.

"There is more in the Heavens and the Earth, Horatio

Then is dreamt of in your philosophy" - Hamlet. W. Shakespeare.

The current afterlife hypothesis' that are most frequently subscribed to are often concurrently, and blindly, adopted - or are plainly indoctrinated into the mind from youth. All these schemes, however sincere, are guilty of using faith as a prop-up mechanism and immortality as a mass appeal 'get out of death - alive! card', mass appealls to faith and offering people what they think they want; is religion. Afterlives appear, and have appeared since we dawned as a species, as beliefs of devout conviction, in almost all minds. This is a sort of basic human theological truism of life (this trusim being an exception to the definition of the word as afterlives are fictitious). Afterlives, the entire, almost endless catalogue of them, are a result, once again, of the idiom of: too much faith leading to religion - too much faith is the leading cause of beliefs that consider afterlives as facts - not as mere quixotic escapes from temporal "mortal coils" or unimaginitive philosophies (Ohh Horatio...).

Afterlives exist only as human constructs after all, and as Hamlet says, philosophies are much more impoverished and banal than the cosmos' philosophy. I do not mean to say here that the cosmos has a mind or an ideology or position on death. I mean to say that the cosmos itself, it's existence, it's laws and bizarre objects are more grand by far, than any philosophy we have ever concocted - the cosmos compared to theology makes theology and it's afterlife hook appear as a bankrupt dream, that the impoverished mortal mind one day hopes, but will always fail, to cash in upon death.

"Man is poised halfway between the Gods and Beasts" 

Thanks, Brady.

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The Real Qur'an. Sura 2:The Cow! (holy cow!) Part.3

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow! Part three...

SURA 2 - THE COW (moooooo!) holy cow!

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA and update it for people who know the earth goes AROUND the sun).

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful" 

To whomever is a polytheist, there are few people that God despiseth more than those who believe in more than one Deity, despite the logical consistency that if one can use faith and logic to arrive at the true belief in one God, the same logic and faith can be used as evidence in favour of two or more omnipotent Gods. Surely the polytheist is near the most vile creation in all the cosmos. The cosmos which has only Allah to thank or blame for he is "Sole maker of heavens and the Earth", multiverses are not for the mind of Allah nor the more feeble minds of his human conscripts and credulous converts as heaven does not include causally disconnected space-times.
To the polytheist there is some relief, as some hate is aimed at the covetous over the multi-deist, "and God knoweth the offenders" "and thou wilt surely find them men most covetous of life, beyond even the polytheists". This implies a covetous polytheist is close to the epitome of evil, even the merciful Allah who created such abominations as polytheists, can protect them from himself. As he told the fictional Abraham "embrace not the doubters" "and the people of hell shall not be questioned". The consequences for Hindus are therefore immense, and I urge you to convert now and accept my words as if they are Allahs, because they are. 

To the Abrahamic people of faith, or "people of the Book". You have read the latest revelations in this only true Qur'an, yet still are over-respecting the old or new testaments, or the original Qur'an over this new edition. Gods earlier trilogy of sacred writings, are works of the prophets, such as "Moses' or "Jesus" but focusing on them, you ignore Allahs old and new Qur'an's, perhaps due to the apparent caprice of a God that is handing down to us more than one holy scripture. The point is that three times our Lord completed Holy books, and now you must accept one more revelation from God, for the new millennia - this is the Real Qur'an and is rare, being the only perfectly revealed Book in the Universe, at the present time. The Qur'an is now replaced by this new volume from God. Muhammad (pblessuh) has passed the prophecy torch to me (pbume), Allah informs me this is true, via the angel Gabriel so I know its a fact. I further know it is true as each time I have a fit, I hear the voices in my head, as many a prophet of days past also had seizures of glory when they tapped into Heavens ether cable and received Allah's message, albeit mostly indirectly via messenger(s). 

For those infidels who assert the Qur'an both old and new, (v.1.0 and v2.0), is a book that is irrational, absurd, violent and inconsistent, are only the heretical words of humans, Allah concedes these characteristics litter the Quran's Sura's, eg. nonhistorical, nonsensical, contradictory, etc, are all themes that are literally dripping from each paragraph - Allah can explain why it appears like the Qur'an is just the babblings of an iron age warlord (pbuh) and a science/freedom ( enthusiast turned conspiratorial-madman scribbling shit. The Qur'an is true because it is true, the same is true in physical science as Allah shows here: For example Allahs theory of the Quantum world is like the Real Quran's verses and commentary, Quantum theory is genuinely irrational, contradictory and ridiculously absurd, yet it is true despite these qualities. Allah elaborates, Electrons not only can exist in multiple places simultaneously, but they are in many places at the same time! If this is true, then so is this book! If crazy is the measure of truth in nature, as Allah appears to agree and he doth knoweth all things".
Gods new book is the same as the electron, it is counter intuitive but all the same, it is a fact. So tell those who doubt the circular reasoning of the Qur'an. If it is sufficient proof to establish the inerrant truth of the electron, the same is true of these words. Denying the latter of these facts has dangerous consequences, whereas denying electrons only means you are an idiot. After death you cannot say that I have not warned/conned/demanded you accept the truth "no one shall reprive himself from the punishment". For"God hath caused the Real  Qur'an (2.0), to descend on thy heart, the confirmation of previous revelations (including those to apocryphal prophets who never existed, again counterintuitive but true), and guidance, and good tidings to the faithful" 
See Islam is the way to please our merciful God, who created us, owns us and can control us. Praise the Almighty, and he will not punish you: the warning is crystal clear "For truly God hath chosen a religion for you, so die not unless ye be also muslims"

We forget that by comparison we appear as worthless slaves, barely earning the merit of seeing Allah's shadow, yet by blindly converting and taking all my recitation on faith, especially the parts aimed at those whom God deliberately misleads, the Jew the Christian, the infidel. the most shameful of all Gods "covetous...polytheist". If you are people of the book and not infidels, apostates or polytheists then you are closer to Allah, but being a Muslim and obeying this Book are the goal of all life in the universe. "O our Lord, Make us also Muslims, and our posterity a Muslim people". 

Thanks to the Cow! Not Baal the Sura! There is plenty more milk to squeeze from this Sura. 

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2: The Cow (let the milking resume!)

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow! 
(Part I:

SURA 2 - THE COW (mooo!)

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA and update it for people who know the earth goes AROUND the sun).

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful" 

A warning to the theist and all mankind.

The COW - re-milked at the behest of Gabriel via the messenger Brady who during milking will correct any unintentional errors the prior prophet made, due to human fallibility, so re-commenceth SURA 2: the COW...

"the jews should believe". Jews by definition, theologically, do not believe, in their ignorance with machiavellian truculence they deny Muhammad (Pbuh) and now Brady (pbumemore). In this denial of our mighty prophets, Mohammed and Brady, who are no more than mere people to them, the Muslim knows we are the final prophets of Islam (pbuus). Fools, they forget that "verily, for God is an enemy of the infidels"
Seemingly these two verses, when absorbed together, can amount to an implied threat for all infidels and apostates, the threat hinging upon God's glorious punishment of death in this life and/or in eternity using fire on them, forever, in the afterlife. Even an illiterate merchant/warlord cannot overlook or miss the rather obvious anti-semitically prejudiced overtones lurking here as well. By now the ultimatum given to all infidels is clear. 
However the threat of eternal punishment is both sincere and merciful as God has helped the Jews in the past, this is proven empirically and beyond all doubt by the verse "to Moses gave we "the Book" and we raised up Apostles after him". Somehow the Old Testament, in god's omnipotence, failed to become, or stay, the exact verbatim words and demands made to, and for us, by our caring Lord.

This is why Jews and Christians "people of the book"are not as important in Allah's plan for world domination. Only the followers of the one true sect of Islam (this one) are truly favoured because  "none will disbelieve" this book, and the punishment for trusting the Pentateuch or Gospels, over The Real Qur'an, is horrid - this threat is only meant to frighten, intimidate or extort them into saving themselves. 
It is true that Allah feels some remorse over writing multiple Holy Books, but this guilt is negated by his clear demand and brilliant observation that when he released his latest 7th century bestseller: the Qur'an, the Jews and Christians still doubt it "what hath been sent down they disbelieve". 
They blame whom? for their denial of the truth of the Qur'an (both v.1.0 and this edition, v.2.0) denial cannot be layeth upon Allah, our omnipotent and merciful Allah is innocent in all this - but still the Jews do not accept the third Book in God's sacred trilogy and the Christians reject the Real Qur'an (The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Qur'an - are the trilogy, with the Qur'an being the latest in the trilogy -until the release of the Real Qur'an, which is to be the new holy revealed scripture of Allah. The Real Qur'an, I am assured is the final book from God, this latest news from heaven completes the beautiful quadrilogy that is the four Abrahamic books) Allah has now sent the true and final message to all the universe. (this time it is really true and final - as Gabriel assureth me, the last word of God is here).

 The Islamic State or Caliphate, or the house of Islam's emergence, and the beginning of Gods final revelation via me, is no accident or cosmic coincidence. Allah wishes 'the house of war' be under Sharia, with only people of the book allowed to co-exist with muslims, these people must live under 'dhimmi', paying for the privilege of protection and existence whilst true muslims, allowed by Allah commit the occasional, murder, genocide, rights abuse, pogrom or heretic hunt. Justified by "will ye dispute with us about God, who is our God and your God!" Rebellions of this nature must incur God's and mans wrath.
People of the book say "they shall enter Paradise" Allah recommends you say "give your proofs if you speak the truth", They naturally cannot produce any proof of what is not, and these doubters can then be treated harshly. For Allah lays the burden of proof for heaven and the conditions of entry into it, with the non-muslim. The non-muslim must prove his case because Allah decreed it so. Jews and Christians are "both people of the book" but all the same our Lords will is not obscured with slippery words stating "on resurrection day. God shall judge between them as to that in which they differ"

It would be easier for everyone if we would just see the truth of this new Islam and know why Allah must conquer the world as "the east and west is God, whichever way ye turn, there is God, Truly God is Immense and knoweth all" , this is true irrespective of the concept that east and west are arbitrary anthropocentric ideas, that science shows do not really exist objectively when Earth is seen from space, God is immense and knoweth all, even the compasses taken to the Moon during the Apollo missions all pointed to the magnetic north pole, respective to Earths orientation to the Moon from a northern hemisphere bias. Any alleged proof that compasses point away from magnetic Earth north is pure sophistry or heretical, conspiratorial 'lunacy'. Nothing of the sort, as doubters may claim, has been demonstrated to me or Allah. North, east and west are not relative terms!
Even if it was relative, it would not overrule the true word of God. Who perhaps owns a broken, compass, or maybe when creating the compass he said more than "be", perhaps "bee"? - As all Good muslims know God must say "be" to create anything, including a sense of direction. 
So all of you can rise above the Biblical Cannon, becoming Muslim by reading this, you are no longer a lower class theist, following a doctrinal dogma of 'untermenschen' status. The jew and Christian are still better than those who forget "God's name in his temples", they are a "shame in this world and a severe torment awaits in the next". His name is not Jehovah or Yahweh, he has officially changed it to Allah, after learning arabic in the middle ages (during the 7th century, using western human history). 

Christians, mistaking Jesus for the messiah and not just a prophet, like the apocryphal, mythological character of Moses was, are not completely lost: "and to Jesus, son of Mary, we gave clear proofs of his mission". Despite the fact that arrogant archaeologists, such as Jewish researchers searching for proof of the Exodus, have not found any, this does not mean it did not happen or Moses is a myth, what is true is God's word, recited through me or other prophets. Except where he is misquoted in the Bible, which is the reason he wrote the Qur'an 700 years later, which is now no longer perfect, which leads to now, and God finally fixing the Qur'an 1400 years after the life of the previous prophet (pbmoreuponme). 

"but until thou follow their religion, neither Jews nor Christians will be satisfied with thee" for "after the Knowledge which hath reached thee, thou follow their desires, thou shalt find neither helper nor protector against God". It is not too late for Jews and Christians to accept the Qur'an's truth, including accepting Mohammed as their prophet. If you are reading this: the Real Qur'an, version 2.0, and reject the inherent truth of this writing, ignoring the "clear signs send down to thee" such as Brady's recitation of this, Holy Qur'an 2.0 is rejected at your expense. You must trust that I am the final prophet and Allah is our self proclaimed merciful warLord, if you have doubts over this or over the existence of a deranged, moral and noble prophet called Abraham, who took his child for a nightime/nightmarish stroll with the intent to commit an atrocity then they "shall have God as an enemy". Abraham clearly did exist as "God spoke to Abraham" thereby becoming both a moral teacher and an accessory to attempted murder at the same time. 

Thanks Allah, Gabriel and me (the messenger, whom thou shalt not shooteth). 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Chapter 2

2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them. This is God's metaphor for saying that the plasma of creation had now cooled enough (~3000 degrees) so that the simplest
atoms, mostly all hydrogen, would be abundant enough, to soon start collapsing together to make the first stars and galaxies.
This is God putting the cart before the horse here, again. As he laboriously yet gloriously gets the timeline of creation wrong and wrong again, in his infinite wisdom. - but, it is true to say, God (the metaphor) had a cosmos with all the fundamental ingredients and physical laws required to build and host all of them. One billion years into creation (or six days by Gods count) and neither the heavens (space/time), nor the earth were anywhere near finished (by the cosmic calender).

2:2 and adam lived 130 years. God admits this is speculative work regarding the specific age or time of occurrencea. And the lord said, to himself, My spirits shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh, yet his days shall be 120 years.
On the seventh day God ended his work which he had made, and he rested on the seventh day. In the near billion year old cosmos it was busy. Space continued to cause the energy and matter to recede away from one-another as space expanded. However gravity pulled using the inverse square law the "dark matter", and the visible matter together as space/time evolved and filled up into itself. The three simplest atomic elements of nature, made before the first star, were almost entirely in the form of hydrogen. Hydrogen having one proton and one electron and being held together using Gods electromagnetic force, where protons with a positive charge were capturing the 2000 times' less massive, but negatively charged electrons to make hydrogen and the tiny amounts of helium and Gods mood stabilizer Lithium.

2:3 God blessed the seventh day, but nature was busy using Gods strong nuclear force to hold three quarks together inside the proton and neutral neutron which then attracted electrons all obeying quantum physics. Atomic nuclei felt the resistance, whilst moving through the higgs field and blessed gravity for bringing more and more hydrogen atoms together into ever growing clumps. The clumps were gravitating, over hundreds of millions of years, to larger clumps of dark matter which had assembled and the galaxies and stars were about to shine.

2:5 and Noah was five hundred years. 

Thanks, by Yahweh and Brady. Assistants Jesus, Noah.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Real Qur'an. Sura 2. The Cow!

SURA 2 - THE COW (mooo!)

Medina - 286 verses (Allah allowed me to condense this SURA)

"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful"

"Elif. Lam. Mim. No doubt is there about this Book: it is a guidance to the God-fearing."
- This verse mixes overt threats of divine punishment with an almost comical logical fallacy. The fallacy is lurking in the section where Allah essentially states 'it is true because it is true' - a tautology on top of a classic logical fallacy, called circular reasoning.
 Furthermore, and much more sinister, is Allahs implied threat of some punishment to the doubters, and the God fearers, Allah then states:
"As to the infidels, alike it is to them whether thou warn them or warn them not - they will not believe"
In the latter verse Allah is using his omnipotent powers to coerce credulous homo sapien primates into believing his absurd tautology of circular reasoning, backed by fear of punishment if rejected. The consequences for those who reject his assertion that the Qur'an is true because it says so in the Qur'an are not helped by Allah onto the "straight path"

The former verse demonstrates Allahs complete neglect and clear prejudice against infidels, by not using his omnipotence to save them, he is an accessory to crimes against humanity, including; torture, and conspiracy to kidnap infidels, and a further charge of holding infidels hostage in hell, this charge is still pending. Awaiting Allahs written confession of creating hell. Allegedly Allah wrote down his atrocities in latter SURAS that we will cover. In fact he elaborates on what he will do with the infidels in this SURA, the Holy Cow! Sura:

"For them, a severe chastisement"
If a severe chastisement seems not harsh enough, our merciful Lord further plans to burn them in a premeditated act of mass murder and torture, an act of violence that would embarrass Hitler or Stalin in its scope and duration of cruelty. The message of God via his messenger (me) is starting to come into focus, his hostility toward infidels is clear and as barbed as razor wire. Allah hu Akbar! This is what awaits you infidels and heretics:
"then fear the fire prepared for the infidels, whose fuel is men and stones"  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Real Qur'an SURA 1

The Real Qur'an 

All quotations. "xxxxx" .are the true word of the creator of everything from the first edition of the Qur'an, authored by Allah. Additional notations are for the discerning or confused atheist or theist who wants to know Gods perfect words, but have them explained using ad hoc notation.
All ad hoc notation is to convert new people to the glory of the path toward the one true God. All notes were found on gold plates in my back yard, lucky me. 
(other updated revelations, were given to me by the (arch)Angel Gabriel, during my epileptic seizures, which occurred during my silent reflection time in my modern cave/attic). I am the new and final prophet (Pbume) of the one true God (Pbuh). If you don't like the new version, hell doth await, and remember the idiom: don't blame or shoot the messenger. 


MECCA - 7 Verses

"Praise be to Allah", - for he has billions of galaxies to play with but really insists, infact needs your praise too. So all muslims need only praise more, to show you are a true muslim - perhaps by praising the very fact that Allah made you not as an infidel or apostate. Allah values praise as he opens the best book ever written, the Qur'an, with the implied threat demanding praise, or as I am assured by Allah, it is more of a firm "suggestion" to praise, this may appear self-centred or (boom!) Deity-centric - this is a mistake. Allah earns our praise and he makes mistakes not, as Allah's new messenger I intent to prove why the Bible is corrupt and the Qur'an is better:

"He is Lord of the worlds" 
- Allah is Lord of not just one primate species on one world, called Earth. As the observant reader will notice "world" is in the plural form. Therefore there are more than one world, does this mean he rules Mars or Jupiter (ironically our Lord named the six planets after Roman, heretical, polytheistic Deities, rather than selfishly calling the planets; Allah 1-6* (*there were only 6 known planets in the first edition of the Holy Qur'an ~1300 years ago). Allah's former demand that he be praised as a Lord of worlds can be overlooked as he assures me God correctly had predicted multiple exo-planets in the first edition - for which we also must praise him. Showing his sense of humour he discovered most of these worlds of which he is now Lord of, using the Kepler Space Telescope - named after a Protestant Christian. Again showing his humble, magnanimous and jocular side. From now on the exo-worlds shall be named Allah 9-2000+ though, in order of their discovery by his slaves worshippers.

"The compassionate, the merciful."The hubristic, the sadistic, the polytheistic-God and infidel annihilator. Here God is being ironic or facetious he is all things at all times. If you end up in eternal fire, you have yourself to blame for not praising the:

"King on the day* of reckoning"- overlooking the overt threat of a day of judgment, a minor issue concerning time - (Earth time I assume is implied, on the King's behalf, as Allah seems to have fallen for the false, yet intuitive, and thus understandable erroneous idea that there exists a cosmic or absolute time, also known as Newtonian time, where all clocks tick the same everywhere. Seeing as in the above verse he clearly states he is "Lord of worlds", plural. Therefore we face a contradiction, or Allah tricked us by not revealing the true counter-intuitive Einsteinian relativistic time in the first edition, relativistic time is where "the day" is subjective to the "King" and his favourite apes location, planet or moon etc, and their distance from the effects of gravitation fields speeding or dilating time for an observer, and I take the liberty to assume he uses the Islamic calender, defining a day as how long the Earth takes in (arbitrary) human units to rotate once on its axis, Allah must therefore live somewhere on Earth or a planet with similar mass, spin, axis tilt and sun/planet relationship. The compassionate Allah asks that:

"Thee only do we worship, and to thee do we cry for help".- God again stresses the importance of knowing your lowly place, as a slave or serf, which naturally would make one cry for help from his sadistic, Dear Leader style demand for endless praise and worship, while demanding he be called merciful simultaneously. The slave owner and slave have a love and dependency partnership, God has established a sado-masochistic motif early in his Holy Qur'an

"Guide Thou us on the straight path".
-Allah is Reasonable, but here God seems to make us all slaves by implying his omnipotence and ability to alter human free will, unless the primate in question is walking on the vague yet perfectly straight path. (paved roads were not exactly ubiquitous when Allah penned his verbatim perfect first edition, implying "Hamlet" or "The Karamazov Brothers" and other books are superfluous. God cannot change his original words sent 'down' to the prophet muhammad, so he uses me, to make 21st century adjustments, ad hoc notations so our Holy Qur'an can be shown as true, whilst solving all existential questions for his favourite hominid, on his tenth favourite world (in his favourite Galaxy).

"The path of those to whom Thou hast been gracious" thats us! Herd us, oh mighty Yahweh 3.0
"with whom thou art not angry, and who go not astray."
- Do as the boss says, and you will be fine!  or will you...


Next SURA 2 - The Cow (Moo!)

Thanks, notes by Gods new (but not as glorious or expansionist) Messenger.
Author of important points by Allah hu Akbar. Copyright 15th century.