Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Letter to Karl Marx.

A Letter to Karl Marx - You Were Wrong, Forgive and Forget?

An Anonymous Letter to Karl Marx...

"History Once A Tragedy is Now A Farce..." K. Marx

Sorry that communism was sadly doomed right off the bat, literally from the get go - by the bankers, by the churches, by the "west" as an entity. Communism's inherent shaky, quixotic foundations, and it's essential naive trust in the goodness of human nature - and Believe me! I am as disappointed as you at some level that it fails so hard. In high school as a semi-punk-joke student and prank I would wear the USSR flag instead of my name badge :), especially in Math Class with Mrs's Hatchet. She had some hangup about Vietnam lol! ;) - but I digress.

Sorry, Communism, great idea but as I say again just doomed from the start - as so many a great idea. Worked on in hope untill tyen fifty one hundred years later you see the house of cards has collapsed and you are just in denial, like Fidel Castro, or any 1980's Communist Club.

So good was the IDEA of Communism that it still lurks in some fucked up nations tp this very day. Despite the breakup of the UNITED SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC into Russia and a dozen other poor eastern European countries, e.g. Albania. - and also equally naive youths into a Che Guevara pic, or are attracted to the pretty red and yellow communist star or sickle will think I am wrong, but sorry it's over "we" all agree Capitalism won for better or for worse, It had won by the 1960's, Facts are facts whether you live in Berlin or "East" Berlin or just Ostern Berlin...

doomed from the very start in principle if not on paper - BUT remember your legacy is alive Karl Marx. Not with Lenin or history, it "lives on" in a farcical nepotistic Autocracy we call NORTH KOREA! yay..., and an economically strangled poverty stricken island stuck in a 1960's time capsule we call Cuba, or there is...ohh maybe not...sure "Communist" Vietnam (enough said) or Cambodia (Genocide *cough* Pol Pot* *Khmer Rouge* Cough* - end coughing), or poppy growing Laos (I'ma OPM that that's nuff said on Laos) and then there's fucking 1.3 Billion people in that enormous nation we call....dum dum dum...

CHINA woot. Now that communist country had to kill 80 million of it's own people to instill Mao's misnamedf "Great Leap Forward" AKA "Biggest mass murder in all human history NOT FUNNY MAO no LOLZ for that one) so CHINA (named after the mercury mad hatter King who before losing his sanity unified China into, wait..the Chin dynasty, cos that was the warlord who wons name :) he was called Chin. Aftert Chin became that weird robotic modern/servile "Communist" Capitalist Hybrid that is fucked but so populous and powerful they can visit the moon and space and make nukes and Jets like Putin's Russia and the equally fucked but not in the same way fucked USofAholes. ... Karl Marx before I fisnihs if you are reading this I want you to know that capitalism has enabled this: in the USA you could probably right now on Ebay (copyright) buy, with money, a signed copy of Das Kapital! (also capitalism encouraghes choice so there is also a rare copy of the Communist Manifesto! LOL so think About it you Communist idiots! :) Peace and Love as always

By Brady

SSC - Band Member