Saturday, March 10, 2018

Still True.

There are only two things that are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity - and I am not sure about the Universe. A.E.

Still True.
We are Apes with Nuclear Weapons on a planet where 1 out of 7 billion people have IQ's under 85!...

We must remember that only a few thousand years ago (a blink in cosmic time), our ignoble species, "Homo Sapiens", Graduated from using outrageously horrific Human Sacrifices, which our species justified by a belief that this offering would "appease' the God(s)" or "change the weather" or "yield a better harvest"..

We Graduated to Animal Sacrifices just recently. in some cultures such as the 16th century Aztec empire which used Humans as their choice of propitiation to their imagined Deities.

Turns out all animal sacrifices including ourselves seem to please "the Gods" as much as the Human Murder method ever did...My point here is that beliefs have consequences. All beliefs should be EVIDENCE based. The alternative is sacrificing your first born under your new house to stop it from filling over....or some such murderous bullshit. :)

Written by Brady Sharrett. Peace out.