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Adolf Hitler 1914

1914 - 1st Ypres

By September 1914 Hitler had received two weeks rudimentary army training in Munich, He certainly had touched a gun for the first time here and was eager to fight. Now in October Private Hitler was awaiting his first battle.

 During WWI Hitler served in the 6th Bavarian Reserve Division from 1914-1918, Hitler was a private or soldat in a platoon from 1st Company during 1914; serving with the 16th Reserve Infantry Regiment - RIR 16 or the "List Regiment". RIR 16 was one of 400 regiments in the 6th Bavarian Reserve Division.

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Notice how Hitler is comfortable
 yet always is sat to the corner
 somewhat aloof from the group
 Hitlers regiment was scrapped together to get enough men to take Russia out quickly so troops are free to fight on other fronts. RIR 16 was to hold and fight on the western front and the regiments first battle saw only 25% survive, including Hitler who wrote to that month to his landlord, "There was no cover so we just had to follow our company commander, men were dropping all around me, it was exiting racing from trench to trench like lightning, we took prisoners but if they were slow to surrender we shot them and moved on".

The battle which caused Hitlers Regiment to lose three in four soldiers to death or hospital also First Ypres saw 350 deaths the first day in Ghevelt, it was decimated literally the next day also. By the Christmas Truce Hitler had won an Iron Cross for saving a CO from fire and swapped jobs to a much safer position: That of a regimental runner. I doubt he used his rifle ever again.

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Written by Brady fair. S.

The Life of Mr. B. FAIR.

Opening... In too Deep? How Heroins' Illegality Ruined My Life

I never thought life would be the same again when in late 2011. I had been arrested at the age of 23, on October 30 - Halloween day, unlike broken eggs though, this was serious, multiple armed robbery charges never do sit well. Even down-under.

For years I had tried drugs for research and recreation. I was addicted like never before in 2011. Every day several opiates, heroin (mmm), oxycodone, fentayl (mm) methadone, codeine, hydromorphone, morphine: these all kept me warm and fuzzy. Several benzos, Alprazalam 8mg minimum, especially kept me calm. avoid the shakes,. maybe some K, MDMA, LSD or DMT to spice up the non stop weed smoking and amphetamines for stamina. All this is to name a few drugs regularly in use. Each would provide their own withdrawal from hell issues if imprisoned.(except LSD,DMT)

For me these charges were all the more dire, I had a 4 month daughter, or a 120 day old baby that needs me. I would father my lovely daughter if allowed. Unlike most drug addict criminals I was a nice guy, one month from graduating Uni with a degree in - you guessed it - in addiction psychology. The irony is their for all to marvel at. Would I have broken any laws if I were given cheap government diacetylmorphine? No. Netherlands would accept me. :)

I was looking at 4-6 years when I first talked to my lawyer the next day at Hakea Prison. - and obviously I was at a nightmarish crossroads in my life. Will I see my kid grow up? will I graduate at all now? Did I waste 5 years at Uni? Will my family love me again? Will I enjoy withdrawal from everything known to man - in prison?

 Like the slow motion car crash the past 9 years of my life seemed to be fun but perhaps always destined for a moment such as this. A tragic ending to an early life of equal joy, lies and misery. The gig was up, or was it?


Written by Brady Sharrett. True Events