Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Letter to Karl Marx.

A Letter to Karl Marx - You Were Wrong, Forgive and Forget?

An Anonymous Letter to Karl Marx...

"History Once A Tragedy is Now A Farce..." K. Marx

Sorry that communism was sadly doomed right off the bat, literally from the get go - by the bankers, by the churches, by the "west" as an entity. Communism's inherent shaky, quixotic foundations, and it's essential naive trust in the goodness of human nature - and Believe me! I am as disappointed as you at some level that it fails so hard. In high school as a semi-punk-joke student and prank I would wear the USSR flag instead of my name badge :), especially in Math Class with Mrs's Hatchet. She had some hangup about Vietnam lol! ;) - but I digress.

Sorry, Communism, great idea but as I say again just doomed from the start - as so many a great idea. Worked on in hope untill tyen fifty one hundred years later you see the house of cards has collapsed and you are just in denial, like Fidel Castro, or any 1980's Communist Club.

So good was the IDEA of Communism that it still lurks in some fucked up nations tp this very day. Despite the breakup of the UNITED SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC into Russia and a dozen other poor eastern European countries, e.g. Albania. - and also equally naive youths into a Che Guevara pic, or are attracted to the pretty red and yellow communist star or sickle will think I am wrong, but sorry it's over "we" all agree Capitalism won for better or for worse, It had won by the 1960's, Facts are facts whether you live in Berlin or "East" Berlin or just Ostern Berlin...

doomed from the very start in principle if not on paper - BUT remember your legacy is alive Karl Marx. Not with Lenin or history, it "lives on" in a farcical nepotistic Autocracy we call NORTH KOREA! yay..., and an economically strangled poverty stricken island stuck in a 1960's time capsule we call Cuba, or there is...ohh maybe not...sure "Communist" Vietnam (enough said) or Cambodia (Genocide *cough* Pol Pot* *Khmer Rouge* Cough* - end coughing), or poppy growing Laos (I'ma OPM that that's nuff said on Laos) and then there's fucking 1.3 Billion people in that enormous nation we call....dum dum dum...

CHINA woot. Now that communist country had to kill 80 million of it's own people to instill Mao's misnamedf "Great Leap Forward" AKA "Biggest mass murder in all human history NOT FUNNY MAO no LOLZ for that one) so CHINA (named after the mercury mad hatter King who before losing his sanity unified China into, wait..the Chin dynasty, cos that was the warlord who wons name :) he was called Chin. Aftert Chin became that weird robotic modern/servile "Communist" Capitalist Hybrid that is fucked but so populous and powerful they can visit the moon and space and make nukes and Jets like Putin's Russia and the equally fucked but not in the same way fucked USofAholes. ... Karl Marx before I fisnihs if you are reading this I want you to know that capitalism has enabled this: in the USA you could probably right now on Ebay (copyright) buy, with money, a signed copy of Das Kapital! (also capitalism encouraghes choice so there is also a rare copy of the Communist Manifesto! LOL so think About it you Communist idiots! :) Peace and Love as always

By Brady

SSC - Band Member

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fuck International Law! Only This Once.

Fuck International Law! Only This Once.

"Fear of Cannabis is a sign of Psychosis"

The problem cannot be over stated. Our intelligence is being insulted.

It is difficult for the government (so they say) to roll out their "new", "un-trialed", "drug" called Cannabis... In fact Cannabis was first used at least 5000 years ago in China, use by humans is possibly longer as Cannabis evolved a few tens of millions of years older than Homo Sapiens. Now as far as we can prove that is it was a medicine in China and elsewhere 5 millennia ago.

In modern times selling this drug in a manner such as alcohol would involve breaking precious international binding conventions on narcotics signed by 150 plus countries from 1971 onward; and re-signed by each country as an internationally recognized legal document regularly. Every nation with a stable or semi-puppet stable government (like a popular Geneva convention all nations repeatedly signed away their peoples rights to use a medicine based on no evidence). Basically Nixon whipped the world into a drug hysteria and they all signed without any thought for the consequences their drug war would and has caused....I am talking about millions who have died as a direct result of the war on drugs. They still are dying. Well over 100 000 people died in Mexico in the last decade due to the drug war. The same or similar is true in the Philippines, where President Duerte a Hitler fan, said he would gladly kill 3 million drug users if he were able; comparing his dream drug user genocide to that of Adolf Hitler and the Jewish Shoa or Holocaust of Europe. .. less severe but tangible problems exist in every nation. A war on drugs is a war on drug users.

This is still a delicate issue; so

In my view breaking any hard won international laws is very serious business, except in this strange hypocritical example. When all but a few nations agree on a global law, signed by decade in- decade out, consecutive, representatives, from near every nation, essentially a law making an ancient 30 million year old plant, medicinal to humans, functional for ropes, clothes fabrics and food. Yet it is illegal everywhere as of 2017- (Canada and Uruguay being the only two nations to Federally legalize the drug - the USA and the Netherlands do not have Federally legal Cannabis as some believe). When you tell a population whom most have smoked Cannabis more than once, that they cant because it is illegal (or it is "bad" for you lol) then we are going to have a BIG freaking problem and I cannot sit by and watch! You should not either. Peace out.

Thanks Brady Fair.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You Are The Perfect Drug

You Are The Perfect Drug

Apart from rare instances of "religious" or purported "spiritual" experiences. There are few ways to reliably induce these feelings that we label as "utopic" "euphoric" "orgasmic" "tranquil" "serene" "perfect", without the aid of another human being that is. Seeing as the atmosphere we breathe is 2/5's oxygen and 3/5's nitrogen (>1% is C02 etc :P) one could predict that a perfect drug might be a harmless gas that is similar to our atmosphere, like the air we breathe. Nitrous oxide (2/3 nitrogen, 1/3 oxygen) is very close to the air we breathe molecularity. In terms of safety it may be the safest. It is the only gas that is psychoactive and non-toxic. Invented in the late 1700's by adding nitric acid to iron filings, history has bore out the many medical, recreational and scientific effects humans have had with so called "laughing gas". Little can go wrong in a lung fulls breathe of nitrous oxide. As with oxygen, nitrous oxide is inhaled, then exhaled. Safe. The major problem would come from asphyxiation or lack of oxygen to the brain. Do not let the oxide in nitrous oxide fool you, you cannot use that oxygen atom for respiration - it helps getting you fucked up though...When you inhale air, 21% oxygen you do not use all that oxygen but only 5%. So when you exhale you could theoretically breathe the inhaled nitrous oxide into a balloon and re inhale it , with the 16% oxygen that your body could not use in respiration on the first round. Stay safe and trust me people are the perfect "drug", and add "drugs" to that and you have reached perfection.   

Thanks Brady. 3fs..n2o
just say n2o

Friday, April 7, 2017

Where Is My Mind?

Where Is The Mind

For all of human history it was not even widely accepted that the mind existed in the skull, and until a few hundred years ago it was accepted that what Aristotle told us was true, that the heart is the seat of the soul, or mind - not the brain. Aristotle's statement that the heart is the mind is dead wrong and other Greek philosophers did disagree and accurately did locate the mind in the brain (Aristotle's teacher Plato was one such person, however Aristotle caught on), so seeing the brain as the soul faded from popularity until the 1600's. Now very recently one can no longer argue that the mind IS NOT the brain - or at least an emergent property of the physical brain.I am not committing to materialism here. Which is the view that the brain is necessary and sufficient to produce our minds - there is no soul or ghost in the physical brain system in this view. Yet I am open to any evidence to the contrary.

It seems the mind also hinges on a specific serotonin receptor called Serotonin 2a. This receptor is correlated to all the emotions and traits that humans see as special and novel to us. Serotonin 2a receptors are just 400+ atom bundles that read serotonin and somehow produce conscious, first person experience. Neuroscience is a frontier science. It always will be.  

Thanks Brady

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution

The Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution

a couple Hundred Thousand years ago the small brain case ancestors of humans, came down from the trees and started foraging for fruit, carbohydrates, protein, water and psilocybin containing fungi or "magic" mushrooms. We never went back to the tress That is right folks, we ate magic mushrooms and suddenly (in cosmic time) a species has a brain that can put people on the moon. We had become like the Gods of old. Adding a psychedelic drug to an apes diet for a quarter million years must have a significant influence. We know psilocin has a huge influence as a medicine for mental illness - this is confirmed by very recent studies over and over. This process in large or some measure gave us. through enhanced serotonin activity, our pre- and enlarged frontal cortex, the most highly evolved thinking mechanism of any species found to date.

This magic mushroom eating orgy, went on
for over 100 000 thousand years - it still continues and now after a brief hiatus in western medieval civilization has gained medical value. Psilocybin metabolizes into Psilocin which is 2 carbon atoms away from BEING serotonin - it is as close a molecule as one can get, to that happy inducing molecule serotonin. Strictly chemically speaking psilocin is remarkable - DMT is also very similar to serotonin and works on the same 2a, 2c serotonin receptors but DMT is missing a perhaps essential oxygen atom- Either way psilocin was available to our ancestors in abundance and they did partake in abundance and did so for significant time periods - and hence psilocin's potency in this theory,

This is why magic mushrooms are such a revolutionary medicine. Nature just happens to have given us the chemical which modulates emotion, personality, learning, intelligence, loves, creativity and many other traits essential to our species existence. Only it does so by being "read" differently by the receptor protein, this is the answer to why serotonin and psilocin do not cause the same effect, as one may rationally think. Thankfully the protein "reads" the two molecules differently allowing for hasty brain growth. These proteins, called G-proteins "unwind" after "reading" the molecule atom by atom. So serotonin and psilocin will have different signalling protocols after "reading" the molecule they have grappled onto.  

So imagine the G-Proteins' attached to each serotonin 2a and 2c receptor are activated or excited, for 100 000 years in exotic ways, novel ways. Ways that are significantly different to serotonin's main functions - modulating the traits of higher human consciousnesses.

Recent scientific studies by MAPS have clearly shown psilocin can treat smoking addiction and depression in 60-80% of cases when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy prior to a single dose of psilocin.  These results are literally unparalleled in medicine and have so much more efficacy than anything else on the market. It provides its magic properties because Psilocin encourages neurons which have weak pathways to become stronger. They change the brain using neuroplasticity. It is like decades of therapy in a few hours.
Now Imagine this process of serotonin pathway strengthening and enhancing, although not coupled with modern cognitive behavioural therapy for 100 000 years as our evolutionary ancestors did, as they built up the brains size using this method of serotonin enhancement. Our current doubled brain size can be largely or in part explained by this idea. The frontal cortex evolves due to this novel stimuli which allows the evolution of complex human traits modulated by serotonin 2a and 2c,

This hypothesis does not account necessarily for all intellectual evolution in recent hominids. It does not need to either in order to be valid. It is valid as scientific evidence has shown it puts all other treatments for smoking and or depression to shame at present. This fact alone lends credence to the idea that a hungry foraging species may have been aided by psychedelic fungi - we have big brains because we used our brains in creative ways giving us larger brains from each psilocin eating generation as it, a species now "awake" raises the next prehistoric generation of soon to be humans...

Brady thanks. 3fs


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time Crystals with Dr. Fizicks

Brady here, For everyone demanding more (or not complete lay term) information on Time Crystals I present Fizicks, PhD:

It's actually really cool shit. Most of Wilczek's work came in the field of theoretical particle physics and quantum field theories. But quantum field theories also apply to condensed matter systems: systems with large numbers of particles that exhibit intricate quantum behaviors. There are degrees of freedom to any system -- ways that it can change or adjust -- both classical or quantum. The idea of a time crystal, in both classical and quantum versions, is that it should repeat its configuration, so long as it stays in its ground state, periodically in time. Just as a normal crystal repeats its configured molecular/atomic pattern periodically in space, a time crystal should have this same property except for time.
The obvious problem was that if you're moving from one state to another to another, and then back to your initial state, that would appear to indicate some type of perpetual motion, which shouldn't be possible due to the conservation of energy. In fact, there's even a theorem forbidding this behavior for classical systems, and it's been thought to be strictly forbidden for quantum ones as well.
As it turned out, though a team in 2016 (maybe late 2015...can't recall), came up with a scheme where the creation of these time crystals actually seemed possible. Instead of a closed, constant system, he proposed taking the system out-of-equilibrium. By driving the system externally -- making it an "open" instead of a "closed" system -- they realized that, at least in theory, there were some physical conditions under which this time-translation-symmetry could be broken.
The two things that needed to be varied in the model were the Ising interaction strength, which represents the dipole moments of the atomic spins, and spin-echo pulse imperfections, which represents the external driving of the crystal. For certain classes of combinations, this should yield a time crystal
I'm pretty sure this was verified a couple of times by Harvard researchers actually.
Driving a system isn't a very common term outside the physics world but it essentially means that you send a "spin-flip pulse" of a particular strength through the system. And what you get is a periodic response that's directly proportional to the time at which you're pulsing the system.
Still, time crystals as Wilczek originally envisioned them -- in systems in thermal equilibrium -- really do appear to be impossible. You have to have an open system, and the system needs to be driven at a periodic frequency with imperfections that aren't too large. Over-drive it, and the crystal will "melt," losing the properties that made it so interesting in a periodic fashion. We still haven't crystallized time, and likely never will. But the ability to make a system, that when all you do is pulse it in a particular way, returns, periodically, to a uniform state over and over again, is fucking amazing.
Someday in the not-too-distant future, there may be a Nobel Prize handed out for this.

WOW Thank-you Fizicks for helping us digest this amazing new discovery!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Time Crystal Have Been Discovered After Predicted in 2012

Ok Prepare for Mind Fuckery! My friend' fizicks must weigh in here lol.

Time Crystals, predicted by renowned Physicist Frank Wilszek just five years ago, Have Been Discovered! In truth they have been made in laboratories, one such Time Crystal was made in 2017 in California by an upcoming Asian boss physicist..

Time Crystals have something to do with Zero-point Energy. Feynman predicted there is enough energy in the vacuum of a light bulb to boil the worlds oceans. Electrons at absolute zero still have energy due to the "uncertainty principle". I am no physicist but it appears Time Crystals will allow us to learn more about the Theory of Time, and more generally Quantum Field Theory (AKA modern physics).

Thanks Brady.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Are you Islamophobic in Canadian Law?

Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All outlined the following eight recurring views of Islam that constitute Islamophobia:[12]
(1) seeing Islam "as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change";

It is unresponsive to change in the manner fit for the 21st century (see pew polls of Muslims beliefs). Hatred of Islamic Doctrine should not be conflated with an innate bigotry toward Muslims as People.
(2) seeing Islam "as separate and ‘other’" without "values in common with other cultures", being neither affected by them nor having any influence on them;

Yes we share similar values, this probably has little to do with an iron age book though.

(3) seeing Islam as "inferior to the West", more specifically, "as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist";

 Islam and the self professed "prophet" Mohammed WERE barbaric irrational, primitive and kept sex slaves... anything else sir?
(4) seeing Islam "as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a ‘clash of civilisations’";
'Islam has nothing to do with the Islamic State argument' is false. It has almost everything to do with it. Give us all a break. The House of Islam and the House of War!? Islam means submission to Allah.
(5) seeing Islam "as a political ideology used for political or military advantage";

It is used as a military ideology so why can we not view it as such?  Denial helps no-one.
(6) "reject[ing] out of hand" criticisms made of the West by Islam dismissing criticisms of the West made by Islam;
Agreed we should hear their ridiculous ideas first. Then dismiss them once deemed absurd.
(7) using "hostility towards Islam... to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society";

Sure, I do not encourage hatred toward Muslims as people. I hate Islam not Muslims. To conflate the two is an error on your part.
(8) seeing anti-Muslim hostility "as natural or normal".

It is normal to be Anti-Islam. it is not normal to be anti-Muslims as people. They are just confused or ignorant and need help. Help in the form of a stern denunciation of Islam as a set of ideas. A set of terrible, sexist, backward ideas.

Brady Fair.